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Sound absorbing board in indoor application.

Acoustic panel as Scandinavian wall decoration

Wood being the central element of Scandinavian decoration, the realization of a cleat wall in your interiors can therefore only improve your interior decoration and encourage more cocooning. Arranged along a wall or in the middle of the room as a partition, the cleat panels dress the space in which they are located in a very particular way.

For example, you can place the cleat behind your TV, a good idea to separate the TV area and the kitchen area without a massive separating element. Another decorative idea is to put cleats along a hallway to both bring a touch of originality to living rooms and break the inconvenience of the effect of length.


Acoustic panel for an optimal desk corner

A wall placed in front of a desk can perfectly accommodate a cleat cladding. The wooden panels will immediately create intimacy and a cozy atmosphere in the room. Nothing prevents you from adding some shelves to these panels to obtain more practical storage space.

With a view to fully immersing the decoration of your office in the Scandinavian style, do not hesitate to opt for a total cleat look, ie cleats arranged vertically and horizontally on all of your walls. A diagonal arrangement is also possible.

Cleat headboards

If there is one room in the house in which the cleat will always have its place, it is the bedroom. Whether it's the master suite, the guest room or the baby's room, integrating cleats at the headboards will simply make the room cozier and more convivial in itself. They will be used to separate the sleeping area from the remains of the room while maintaining optimal light.

Placed vertically, a wooden cleat brings a height effect within the room. Placed horizontally, it evokes a feeling of wider space and therefore calmer and more intimate.

Post time: Jan-13-2023